Somers Farm & Prairie

Somers, Wisconsin

The Somers Farm & Prairie is comprised of two properties: a 160-acre property in northeastern Kenosha County and an eighty-acre property in central Kenosha County. Work with this client has been focused on creating a land use plan based on the regional context. An essential part of this project was to determine priorities for land use and protection, as well as an investigation of the value of the land to the surrounding region and watershed. We focused on identifying and addressing unique natural resource concerns on the property, preserving the family legacy, and evaluation of agriculture as a land use tool to meet the needs of the region. 

Hudson Valley Farm Hub

Hurley, New York

The Hudson Valley Farm Hub is a non-profit center for resilient agriculture located on 1,255 acres of prime farmland in Hurley, NY. Within our role, we generated preliminary concepts of a Whole Farm Plan that would include a research-based training center and a crop processing facility. Additionally, we conducted a floristic quality assessment of the project site and adjacent lands as a basis to provide conservation stewardship guidelines for the riparian areas adjacent to the fresh-water trout creek. This farm plan offers a unique opportunity to restore the land with state-of-the-art agriculture and farmland conservation practices and to create a duplicable model in agriculture.

River Action: Ewoldt Farm

Muscatine, Iowa

River Action initiated a study of phosphorous and nitrogen run-off from corn production in the Mississippi Watershed.. For this study, a local farmer volunteered his production fields located in Muscatine, IA. These fields are highly erodible and drain into the Pine Creek, a small tributary of the Upper Mississippi River. Solutions in the Land, (SITL) was enlisted to collect data and summarize the results. There is much confusion today about the negative environmental contributions of agriculture. The ecological effects of different production systems monitored and data analyzed, allowing us to determine if crop production profitability and environment stewardship can coexist. 

Partners and Clients

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