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Whole-System Farm Planning is the beginning of a journey, one that is based on sound information and dedicated to measurable outcomes. Our Whole Farm Plans detail the history, resources, opportunities, and constraints of the land and farm/project. We highlight recommendations for environmental enhancement, tenancy, revenue streams, and appropriate resources at the local, state and federal level.


Whole Farm Planning involves assembling and consolidating information, investigating revenue, land and conservation opportunities, and building sustainable partnerships.


Our approach to restorative agriculture and land management is based on principles including:

  • Market-based Production

  • Input Evolution

  • Watershed Scale Strategic Planning

  • Best management practices & implementation

  • Market-based Conservation

  • Business Management

  • Whole Farm Planning

Our Work

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Our Services

We also offer site-specific farm planning, including regenerative land stewardship strategies, market-driven crop systems, regional development, food systems, and small farm business planning. We work with landowners, farmers, city planners, and agriculture stakeholders to secure each project's future.


Services Provided:

  • Whole-System Farm Planning, site-specific 

  • Transitioning from commodity crops

  • Organic Transition Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Planning Charrettes

  • Farm Business Planning

  • Regenerative Ag. Consulting

  • Time-Tested Leases

  • Food System Planning