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About Us

Ron Doetch, an agronomist, was working extensively with farmers and the same problem kept coming up, landowners didn't know what to do with their farms. Not only in the present but as they aged, they wanted to preserve the land and the farming legacy but didn't know how. 


At the same time Jim Patchett, a landscape architect, was increasingly questioning why the design of our urban areas was not intersecting with agriculture and the food system. 


Together Ron and Jim began working on projects that examined the needs of farms, landowners, and agriculture alongside urban infrastructure and environmental responsibility. 


They established that urban areas needed solutions to food access, food waste, and damaging environmental practices while farming needed solutions to aging farmers, economic and ecological resiliency. Developing solutions would involve the integration of urban and rural designs, which tapped into a broad range of issues. 


Solutions in the Land was created to be the voice in creating solutions for US agriculture, working to address the range of problems and questions facing landowners, farmers, city planners, and stakeholders in agriculture. 

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